Quality Policy

Our company, which operates in the field of cable grouping and all kinds of assembly processes, aims to be a supplier that perceives the quality expectations and demands of its customers and continuously develops all the products and processes in the value chain in this direction.


As Reka;

• To carry out all activities in accordance with the quality system, laws, regulations and standards,

• As the main principle in all activities, to make the first round and to increase the competitiveness of the company with continuous improvement,

• Continuous improvement approach to reach targets and increase productivity in all units

• Goal management

• Effective and live communication

• To work in coordination with the suppliers to increase the quality consciousness,

• Develop long-term strategic partnerships

• To closely follow and apply technological developments belonging to the sectors,

• Emphasize training and teamwork for all employees to become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level

• To ensure customer satisfaction and quality continuity,

These principles are adopted as our quality policy and we are committed to comply with all of our employees.

Release Date: June 15, 2017